Important Safety T&Cs for Your Tour


Hi there!

In anticipation of your upcoming tour we need to re-emphasize some very important T&Cs to make sure everyone has the right idea on the day.

Obviously our tours involve alcohol, and unfortunately a very small minority of passengers may have the wrong idea about what is appropriate behaviour on our winery tours!

So please read the below carefully and if you’re organising on behalf of a group please ensure all members understand these terms before boarding:

  • This is not a ‘booze cruise’ (aka an opportunity to drink as much as possible). This is a leisurely day out among beautiful wine regions!
  • Our bus is not licensed = drinking on the bus is illegal and will result in the removal of that passenger from the bus
  • You need to include food in your planning – we urge you to have a big breakfast, plan for a nice long lunch, and stay hydrated (we have free water bottles on board).
  • We abide by Responsible Service of Alcohol protocols, so if we deem any guests to be intoxicated, we will not be able to take them to any further licensed premises and in extreme cases we may opt to remove the passenger from the bus.

Ultimately the safety of our passengers is paramount for us.

So please, if this is not what you expected when you purchased your tickets, or you’re pretty sure some of your group won’t be able to adhere, that’s OK – just contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.

For everyone else, thanks so much for your understanding and we can’t wait to have you aboard! Our tours really are fantastic when done in a responsible, respectful fashion.


TrailHopper Team

PS – For a full list of our T&Cs please click here.

PPS – Planning your day is essential. For the latest InfoPack for your region, please click on one of the below to download the PDF: