The idea behind Hop on Hop Off – an Adelaide Wine tour for locals

We believe people (in Adelaide as well as tourists) are more self-reliant and resourceful than ever before, enabling them to decide which venues they want to visit on a wine tour, where they have lunch, and how long they stay at each stop.

We don’t think a $100+ wine tour where you are stuck with the same group of people for the whole day (er..awkward) and have to have a set lunch and tiny little tastings of wine at designated big-name wineries is much fun for anyone, not to mention expensive.

Much better to go with your own mates (or if you are travelling alone, make some new mates on the bus!), choose something you feel like for lunch, and spend the rest of your hard-earned money on wine to take home – yes please!

And so we developed Trailhopper – because Adelaide has been crying out for a wine tour service that is not just for tourists, a tour where you can jump on with your friends just because no-one wants to be designated driver, right?!

We think our customers love our service, judging by our TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews – thank you everyone for your support!

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